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17 Digital Marketing Course Modules

Syllabus crafted by google certified experts in digital marketing

Learn Our Advanced Topics on Top digital marketing course,Search engine optimization (SEO) & Search engine Marketing(SEM/PPC) course for job-seekers,working professionals, business owners and Entrepreneurs

Get Certifications in Google, Bing, Hubspot, Facebook.

After completion of the training not only will you become an expert in digital marketing but you will get a Google, Bing, Hubspot & Facebook certified professional. Digital Floats will prepare you to pass all exams.

  • AdWords Fundamental
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Site Exam
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Inbound Certification
  • Email Marketing Certification
  • Content Marketing Certification
  • You Tube Certification
  • Face book Blueprint Certifications

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Benefits of Choosing Digital Floats Academy

Digital Floats provide Corporate standard facilities to our students for getting Best Knowledge and Career.

  • Having more than 12 years of experience in training industry.
  • 10+ Years Real Time industry experienced faculties.
  • 100% Lab Facility for every student by experienced lab co ordinators.
  • Training on live projects and assignments.
  • Making You 13 Authorized Certification
  • Lifetime access to Latest Content
  • Mock Test for Google Certifications and Guidance
  • Giving Credits for Real time Internship
  • Backup Classes, Videos Tutorials, Assignments & Projects
Digital Marketing Certification

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Why it is important to get Certified ?

  • 91% Hiring Managers in top companies consider certification as key hiring criteria.
  • 48% Recruiters are willing to offer a higher salary to certified candidates
  • 60% of professionals said that certification led to a new job
  • There are 8 lakhs JOB's in India by 2017 for Digital Marketing Professionals: HR Experts.

Digital Floats is a leading Best Digital Marketing training institute-We are forefront of Digital Marketing Courses, Start digital journey PPC, SEO, Social Media, display ads, conversion optimization, analytic and complete career focus

Real Time Faculty

Being the best institute for digital marketing in Hyderabad we offer you a faculty that has years of experience in the practice field.
Our faculty will instruct you in practical methods that you can implement in real life. There will not be people simply teaching you theory. So that once you are finished with the course, you can completely be at ease about executing what you've learned.

Training Support

What we proud ourselves at Digital Floats is the fact that we don't just teach you and let you go.
The digital marketing training in Hyderabad we give you at Digital Floats about digital marketing and SEO are the ones that are current at the moment.
However, we can't guarantee that they will be valid five or six years down the line. We teach you a course, but once you've enrolled yourself at Digital Floats we assure you that we will always let you access the most recent information about the digital world. We always make sure that we keep updating our resources and you will always be welcome to come and access them whenever you need to.

Top Lab Facility

As we mentioned before, digital marketing is a technical course and it requires you to have hands on experience.
There are professional faculty who are already acquainted with what is required in the field of digital marketing and they will train you practically in such methods. You are free to come anytime and work at the lab to hone your skills at Best digital marketing methods. We prepare you in every way. The lab coordinators we have are also top experienced enough to guide you when our professional faculty is not there. We ensure that we always have the best for you and help you develop your digital marketing knowledge to the maximum.

Project Credits

When any company hires you they will want to know what projects you have done. That shows if you're capable enough to handle the practical process of digital marketing. Credits are also very important. Although this is a course, the credits you earn on this course are equal to any other credit you acquire on any other academic education. The credits you earn in this course will be seen by the company that hires you. So we make sure that you get ample opportunities to earn the top credits. Here we not only teach you but also let you work on your own projects and give you assignments to test yourself.
You can show your experience to your employer by talking about and showing them the real time assignments you've done, increasing employment chances.

100% Job Placement:

We offer digital marketing course in Hyderabad with placement. Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative careers in recent times and a whole lot of companies are looking for people who are adept at digital marketing. We train you in a way that you are suitable to take jobs in the top companies. We are a renowned name in the country who offer digital marketing course with placement in Hyderabad and every year the people who take our course, at the end inevitably secure jobs with the best of companies. Our connections are huge in the digital world and companies especially look for candidates passing from our institution.

Dedicated support:

The best part is that we are constantly engaged with you. Being one of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad our support facilities are excellent, designed to give all students their particular needs. Day or night, we are here to help you 24/7. Whenever you need us and for whatever, there will always be some professional at the end of the line to help you out.

Digital marketing course online and class room:

In our academy, we provide you with the best. In all the country, we are the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad and the marketing courses provided by Digital Floats is absolutely top notch. Our courses are constituted in a way that they deliver an integrated experience to all those who are taking the course. We know the need for digital marketing in today's world and we have designed our course to teach you about things that are required for you to work in the field. We have researched and found out what the top companies require of their employees and what kind of teaching would enable you to meet all the demands of digital marketing. We can bet that you will not find such a complete and integrated course in the country in digital marketing. Our courses have been designed keeping in mind the current demands of the digital marketing world. No matter what you intend to do after our course, we have you covered. If you want to join a job in digital marketing our course will teach you all that is necessary. It will teach you about SEO, social media, display ads, start a digital journey, conversion optimization, analytic, etc. all of which are career oriented.

Digital Marketing Program: Description

Let us introduce you to the concept of digital marketing and what this course entails at the very start. Digital marketing is basically advertising products using digital technology. It covers a wide area starting from designing digital graphics for ads to advertising on social media to handling things like Google AdSense. All of this comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. It is almost impossible to promote a product without resorting to this. In our course, we teach the students things that will help them deal with all needs. Digital marketing is constantly changing and being one of the top digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad, we try to make our students market savvy and give them market skills. They are prepared in all the aspects that come under the umbrella term digital marketing. You will be given training in SEO, about using social media for marketing products, how to blog properly to promote products, and also about how to market the content, you are writing. Our course introduces students to all that is involved with digital marketing and how to use technology. They are at the same time, trained to handle situations that they might face when working in the field.

Digital Marketing Course: Objectives

Digital marketing is an extremely exciting course and opens up a host of possibility for one who is trained in it. Being in one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Hyderabad will give you all the more opportunity to learn about this concept. Knowledge in this field will really aid you in promoting whether it be your own business or your employees. The objective of our course is to teach you some of everything that comes under digital marketing such as social media advertising to SEO training. With more and more people taking to digital marketing for the promotion of their brand, this particular course becomes indispensable for one who wants to be employed in the digital sector. There are many job opportunities for this course. We try to give you a course that is so integrated and well-rounded that you can deal with any aspect of digital marketing no matter where you are employed. We try to train our students in a way that they can work in business and financial communities. One of the primary objectives of our digital marketing course is to provide you with various career opportunities in all types of sectors.

Super 6 Every weekend workshops

Digital Floats institute conducted top 6 workshops on Digital Marketing Modules with Industry Expert Guest Lecturers at our Hyderabad Location.

  • 1. SEO Essentials for Business
  • 2. Online & Social Media Marketing Workshop
  • 3. Google AdWords Essentials
  • 4. YouTube Marketing and earning
  • 5. WordPress Workshop for Beginners
  • 6. Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

At a minimal digital marketing course fee in Hyderabad, we teach you things to get jobs that pay minimum two lakhs per annum.
According to human resource surveys, digital marketing solution are predicted to increase significantly. Almost all companies, big or small require the help of digital marketing and when properly done it can make all the difference.
The scope for someone with a digital marketing knowledge is endless. India is not far behind in this field and therefore you don't have to try abroad, you can get great jobs in your very own country. Especially because now India is into outsourcing such facilities to companies abroad. Indian companies are doing projects for companies in the United States or Europe and thus they all the more need the help of someone with digital marketing knowledge to execute the projects successfully.
India has become a major hub for offering digital marketing solutions abroad and to smaller countries. There will be no dearth of jobs. Our digital marketing in Hyderabad fees are really nominal given the extensive training we provide you with. You can apply for jobs in the commercial and the financial sector. By the end of your course you will start getting job offers form many companies.

Top Recruiting Companies In Digital Marketing

The end result of all course or education is to get a good job. Good jobs are plenty in the field of digital marketing. There are so many companies that are willing to take in professionals in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the future and the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Almost no business can prosper without it the implementation of digital marketing strategies. Even YouTubers and bloggers have to take help of digital marketing professionals to make an earning from their video or text content. Let us talk about some of the companies that will be eager to hire you once you complete the course. Firstly, telecom companies who need to take to social media and use SEO tools to teach to the people. Think of any telecom company and you'll understand. Companies that deal with all things digital will also hire you as they outsource digital marketing expertise to other companies. Online shopping companies, big corporations, big brands, airlines, tourism companies are just some of the companies who are looking for digital marketing professionals. And Digital Floats tries to bring the professionals and the companies together so that both may choose the best. We are a platform where companies come for recruitment.

Digital Marketing with Career and Placement

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